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KissAnime Anti-Adblock Blocker. Kissanime ad remover: mainly a CSS modifier (if you look at the js code) KissAnime Auto Hide: auto hides all ads on page, as well as in the beta player (for those who wish to enable ads still) No ads on kissAnime(not detected as adblocker): Install as userscript. NewSideADremoved: a companion to the one above. I don't block ads on Kiss (tbh, I don't really care about any sexual or dating or whatever ads). It's more of a bother to jump through hoops to block it and hope you don't get banned. However, I do use a strict pop up blocker that does not allow any pop-ups. Depends on the Ad Blocker.

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. v1.2.0 Disable ads on KissAnime (without triggering the "disable adblock" message).

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v1.2.0 Disable ads on KissAnime (without triggering the "disable adblock" message). Once infected, Kissanime virus starts displaying a variety of ads and redirects users to technical support scam, phishing, or  Adware version of Kissanime virus collects information which identifies your interests, such as clicked ads, browsing the history Find more subreddits like r/KissAnime -- The UNOFFICIAL KissAnime subreddit. Please make sure you read the sticky posts before posting! If you want to report a bad ad, request a series, make a suggestion, or insult the site admins about their ads getting blocked or not. Clear your cookies and try again with this filter, works atleast for now. I also got rid of any filters in "my filters" relating to kissanime; one by one, I re-enabled incognito mode starting with poper blocker (no ads Kissanime ads have been noticed to load Discordapp, Kissasian, and similar websites.

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The Kissanime project is a network of “kissanime” websites, that is created with the primary idea to allow people to freely upload anime videos.They are a legitimate site and offer anime in .mp4 format available to How to Block Ads on KissAnime (and not get banned) | AdGuard. KissAnime is banning anyone who has an ad-blocker on their Kissanime Reddit Ublock. kissanime permabans for using adblock. How to Block Ads on Kissanime - AdLock. Me *Forgets to Turn Off Adblock* Kissanime Wait That's How to Block Ads on Kissanime - AdLock. KissAnime Anti-Adblock Blocker Not even the people from Easylist seem to fight this site anymore, someone had to try as this looks popular enough. *sigh* Install this script ?

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To emphasize, it is the only frustrating part of the website. Clicking any part of the page opens another window. Worse yet, moving your mouse can open another ad. There are two methods of blocking ads on KissAnime. Namely: Using Kissanime's search facility or clicking links or ads displayed on it causes redirects to other dubious websites.